Overnight Oats:

Oats are loaded with good-for-you nutrients like fibre, protein, magnesium, potassium, and omega 3 fatty acids, among other things.

1. Overnight Oats Have Increased Digestibility

Soaking oats overnight helps the starches break down and reduces the natural phytic acid, which helps your body utilize the oats’ nutrients much more efficiently. This makes them easier to digest than oats that have been cooked, which is great for everyone, but is especially helpful for people with gluten sensitivities.

2. Overnight Oats Contain Increased Resistant Starch

Resistant starch is found in all foods that contain starch, but it appears to be present at higher levels with cooled starchy foods instead of cooked ones. RS is a natural carb and helps to improve digestion, aid in weight loss, increase feelings of fullness, and decrease dangerous insulin spikes associated with eating hot starchy foods.

3. Overnight Oats Are Versatile

Not only are overnight oats quick and easy to make, they are extremely versatile. You can experiment with endless variations and stir-ins, which helps to keep things interesting and make breakfast on the go fun and satisfying. All you need to make overnight oats are your oats of choice (we recommend our organic, quick cook rolled oats), your liquid, and a sweetener.
You can use almond milk, Greek yogurt, coconut milk, hemp milk, or even regular dairy milk if you want. Sweeteners can be anything from honey or stevia to maple syrup and more, depending on your preference. Then you can add things like chia seeds, flaxseed, nuts and nut butters, fresh fruit, dried fruit, berries, and even cacao nibs, protein powder, or maca powder. Coconut oil can be a great addition as well and add some energy-giving healthy fat.

4. Overnight Oats Are Time and Money Savers

Ingredients for overnight oats aren’t expensive, and because they are so filling, you may eat less throughout your day. This makes them ideal for those on a budget. Plus, prepping your overnight oats before bed probably takes less than 5 minutes, and when you wake up in the morning, they are ready to rock! No cooking, no mess, no fuss. You can prep all your add-ins the night before as well and have them ready to stir in, or bag them up to take with you. Yum and done!

5. Overnight Oats Are Delicious

Have we mentioned how tasty overnight oats are? It’s like pudding in a jar, only it’s good for you and serves as a full meal in itself. Or you can save it for later and really eat it like it’s a dessert!!!!!


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