NUTRITIONAL TIPS – 5 Tips while in lockdown

1. Immunity and health first, weight later

its important to ensure that you are keeping your immune system strong and focusing on your heath rather than weight loss in these hard times.
How to keep your immune system strong very simple, keep a nice healthy diet and take multivitamins. Make sure your getting all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs also ensure your staying hydrated.

2. Pantry staples can be healthy!!!!

Yes, it’s going to be harder during this time to buy fresh produce daily. But that doesn’t mean you should shun healthy eating. There is evidence that frozen fruit and vegetables can be just as beneficial to you as fresh.
Here are quick tips to healthy pantry staples:
– Choose whole grain pasta or brown rice.
– Tinned tomatoes and tomato paste can add great flavour to soups and stews.
– Legumes such as beans and lentils are packed with protein and fibre, and can add texture and flavour to sauces, soups and stews.
– Don’t forget the fish. Oily fish such as tinned mackerel or tuna is high in omega fatty acids, which keeps your body and mind healthy.
– If you are a snacker, especially while working from home, dried fruit and nuts are a more nutritious alternative than sweets and biscuits, and will help sustain energy for longer.

3. Set a routine – and stick to it!!!

For the first couple of days, lockdown might of felt like the beginning of a long weekend but this doesn’t mean that you should eat accordingly. If you shop ahead and planned your meals for at least the next week and also try to eat at set times, this will create a sense of normality and will keep you and your family from reaching for biscuits and crisps at random times.

4. No takeaways 😱 Let the challenge begin!!!!

Now is the time to get creative with what you have on hand. Search for new recipes to try and get the children involved as you prepare a meal from scratch. Or why not use the time to recreate your favourite takeaway treat – but make it healthy? Here are some tips:
-Make baked sweet potato or potato wedges with a drizzle of olive oil, sea salt and rosemary.
-Stock up on frozen pizza bases and top them with tomato sauce and some of your favourite vegetables and lean meat such as shredded chicken.
-Cook homemade curry as you can freeze the leftovers for another day
We will be sharing recipes here on our page to help you all 😊

5. Mind over matter (or food)

If you tend to stress-eat or eat while your mind is somewhere else, you might find yourself scoffing down food without fully enjoying it. If this is you, these seven tips on eating mindfully is crucial during this time. It’s important to set time aside for eating and to fully enjoy your food without distractions.
1. Take a breath
2. Listen to your body
3. Let your hunger guide you
4. Eat slowly
5. Remove all distractions
6. If you don’t love it, don’t eat it
7. Meditate

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