Diet Advice & Info….from our PT Beth

Hey Everyone,

So in the past few weeks i have discovered that many of our lovely member are confused when it comes to diet, nutrition etc, a lot of people tend to do Fad diets or are told incorrect information on nutrition by unqualified gym goes.

So today I’m going to give everyone a beginner break down no matter your fitness goal, if you would like more in-depth information please PM me 🙂

Starting off with Calories, calories have a bad rep it seems when these are actually very important to any fitness goal, alot of people tend to drop calories down to the min below 1000 cause they think this will make them lose weight faster for example, Which one is dangerous and unhealthy (yes the weight will drop, but will come back with extra)

Calories are energy if these are too low you will be very tired/dizzy and probably give up on your goals and on top of that your body goes in to fasting state that can store your fat for emergency for energy .

Depending on how active you are , age, weight, goals your calories are going to be different to anyone else, its not one shoe fits all. I will add a link for you to work out your calories, fats, proteins and carbs. Any Pregnant ladies out there (like myself) you need to add 300 calories on top of your worked out calories in the calculator. For your carbs, fats and protein message me to work it out for you!

Proteins/carbs/fats are also an important role in your fitness goals so please don’t just ignore this part this could be keeping those scales from moving when your doing everything right calorie wise.

Basic guide is 50{7638ea795c5b78b74c95459ca4994475b09bff3d30a7a4bc8c3adc061545ff4c} carbs, 25{7638ea795c5b78b74c95459ca4994475b09bff3d30a7a4bc8c3adc061545ff4c} protein and 25{7638ea795c5b78b74c95459ca4994475b09bff3d30a7a4bc8c3adc061545ff4c} fats of your calories. But in the link will work these out more in depth or we’ll be here all day 🙂

See the link below to work yours out for your goals today and finally start seeing some results. Stop under eating or over eating!!!!

Any questions Let me know 🙂

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