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Children, as the name of the exercise program suggests, are born to move. Just watch them – they don’t walk anywhere, they run; they are balls of energy; sitting still is not at the top of their to-do list.

Designed to nurture a life-long love of physical activity, BORN TO MOVE helps children experience the joy and vitality of moving to music.

Each session feeds young people’s natural appetite for action, movement and play – and lets them enjoy the energy, confidence, good health and increased ability that goes with it.

Optimized for core developmental stages, BORN TO MOVE features programming for children aged 2-5 and for those aged 6-16.

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In today’s world, children just aren’t as active as they used to be. But if we can inspire children to enjoy movement while they are young, we can transform attitudes towards physical activity and establish good habits that bring life-long health benefits. BORN TO MOVE™ is Les Mills’ youth training initiative that empowers children to experience the vitality and joy that comes from moving to music. Available as a series of five different classes, BORN TO MOVE is optimized for specific age groups and their core developmental stages.
When it comes to learning a whole lot of cool moves from dance, martial arts and yoga this class is the way to go. Each 20 or 40-minute class is jam-packed with cool music and foundation fitness moves and fun games. This is sure to leave the kids feeling great!
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