Green Room

Refuel & Relax at our Showtime Smoothies Bar in the Green Room

Finish Your Session Off by Relaxing and Refuelling in Our Small but Inviting “Showtime Smoothies” Bar
We are proud to sell LOVETASTE.COM Award Winning Love Smoothies
Take your pick from our range of 100% natural fruit and vegetable smoothies, natural shakes and protein shakes

Why are Love Smoothies So Good?

They are Vegan, Plant Bases, Gluten Free and no GM
Nature on Demand
No additives, preservatives or added sugar
Our fruit is frozen when just ripe to lock in all the goodness
Freezing locks in more natural goodness and nutrients
All our fruit and vegetables are sourced from trusted farms and we have full traceability from field to cup
Our recipes have been refined by a Micheline Star Chef

Not only that, All Love Smoothie cups, lids and straws are made of compostable PLA (PLA is also known as corn starch and is made from renewable plant material, is plastic free and results in lower carbon emissions


Smoothies throughout the day
Not sure which type of smoothie you should be drinking when throughout the day? We can help you with that.

Our Breakfast Smoothie (the name kind of gives it away!) is perfect to drink at breakfast time, this is because the oats are slow releasing, giving you sustained energy throughout the morning.

Need a mid-morning hit? Opt for our Kale Kick for a green nutrient rich morning drink!
Our Broccoli and the Beast is a great choice for pre and post workout, fuelling before a gym work out can give you that extra boost to exercise as hard as you can, the banana will provide energy and along with pineapple are high GI fruits and help drive nutrients into the muscle for recovery after your workout.

The ginger in our Detox-Zing is perfect for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, the carrot and courgette are great sources of fibre too!