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Our Vision & Values

CGX aims to provide the whole community with a diverse range of authentic, fun and exhilarating group exercise classes and personal fitness facilities in an inclusive, community-focused boutique fitness environment. Our customers will always remain the focus of the business, we want every customer to leave felling special fully immersed into our visions and values.

Our 10-point value customer promise

1. To always put our customers first
2. To provide an inclusive service for all
3. To treat every customer equally
4. To make every customer feel special
5. To give high quality value for money
6 . To respond quickly and proactively if we get it wrong
7. To engage with our customers feedback and tell them what we have done “what we do well and what we can do better”
8. To provide a safe, clean environment
9. To provide a safe, fun and effective experience
10.To play an active role with health and wellbeing in the workplace and community for all age groups

The pinnacle of CGXs success is not merely the quality in the concept and brand but the quality of our caring, attentive and supporting staff and inspirational motivating and committed rock star instructors who will not only guide you safely through your workout but ensure you have an exhilarating, fun and safe experience whilst achieving the results you want.

Class Info

Our Studios

Our two fully equipped studios are complete with latest sound systems and a fully sprung floor to reduce impact on the body. In our main stage room For day time classes light will flood in over the cityscape rooftops with our Rockstar instructors on stage guiding you safety through every piece of choreography and in the evenings the blackout blinds come down and it’s lights, camera, action! with lights, spots, fog and plenty of fun and motivational inspiration to make your experience each and every time one to remember.

In our smaller, but fully equipped ride studio we have 20 of the latest kieser Mi3 bikes complete with multi media technology that allows you to track your fitness on an app and see it up on the big screen whilst you ride (options to hide your data so you don’t have to have it on the screen). The studio comes with a floor to ceiling curved screen so that you can fully immerse yourself with the lights and music to both our range of live and virtual programmes.

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Before your Class

If you are new, arrive 15 minutes early to fill in your membership and screening paperwork, we will show you round and get you sorted out and ready for action. If you are a regular, just turn up, your station/bike will be ready and waiting for you complete with complimentary sweat towel. Your instructor will then take over and guide you through the class safely, effectively with lots of fun along the way!

After your Class

Feeling hot? Whip out a nice chilled complimentary sweat towel from our dedicated chilled towel fridge to cool down, then take a nice hot shower using our complimentary shampoo and shower gel, we have both male and female changing facilities complete with hairdryers and somewhere to touch up your make up before you return to the city. Forgot your towel? Don’t worry shower towels available to hire from reception at £1.

Before you go why not take one of our natural smoothies, or vegetable/fruit smoothies, or a nice hot frothy coffee whilst booking your next class. Snack bars and cold drinks will also be available. In a hurry? Don’t worry, tell our receptionist what you want before your class and just like theatre interval drinks it will be ready and waiting for you after your class.

Forgot to charge your phone? Don’t worry we have even thought of that, complimentary charging points available in our small but cute juice bar area.